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Contract Brewer in Williamsburg, MA

3 Beards Beer Company

4 Main Street, Williamsburg, MA 01039

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3 Beards operated with an interesting concept, facilitate the brewing of beer recipes created by amateur homebrewers around the United States and then working to get it distributed.

3 Beards Beer Company FAQs

Does 3 Beards Beer Company serve food? No, they are a contract brewer.

Is 3 Beards Beer Company kid friendly? No, they are a contract brewer.

Is 3 Beards Beer Company dog friendly? No, they are a contract brewer.

3 Beards Beer is brewed at breweries in Massachusetts on a contract basis. This includes the old Paper City in Holyoke and Brewmaster's in Williamsburg. Their beer can be found in Worcester, Boston and Springfield.

As for the name of the brewery, it's spot on for craft beer. Are you even a real brewery if someone working there (ahem, the brewer) doesn't have a beard? Better still, if three of you don't?

Beards, and dogs for that matter, are to craft beer what Park Place and Boardwalk are to Monopoly. Speaking of dogs, do you think 3 Beards Beer Company would brew a version of Puppers Beer for the USA?.

3 Beards Beer Company Beer

IPAs, American Dark Lagers, and Imperial Stouts were all part of the 3 Beards Brewing offering. 3 Beards keeps their ABV to the 5-8% range according to Rate Beer, which is more than a session beer and definitely less than anything from Greater Good in Worcester.

  • Bearded Lady Belgian Pale Ale
  • Cow Puncher India Pale Ale
  • French Ale
  • LumberJack Black Lager
  • Scallywag Imperial Stout

As far as funny beer names go, Cow Puncher ain't half bad. Come to think of it, a 3 Beards beer coaster would be pretty slick, because nothing says Father's Day beer gift like a beer mat.