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Glory Not The Prey

You can casually sip Glory Not The Prey. Or you could power through it if you're eating some spicy buffalo wings. Either path works.

Glory Not The Prey, a New England IPA brewed by Able Ebenezer Brewing Company

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Glory Not The Prey
Brewery Able Ebenezer Brewing Company
Type of Beer New England IPA
ABV 6.3%

Good beer with a medium abv.

Cool that Able Ebenezer gives you some history to accompany the brew, as the average American doesn't consider old U.S. battle flags often. What's interesting is that battle flag is only 50+ years younger than the oldest brewery in the United States, D.G. Yuengling & Son.

Able Ebenezer Brewing Company's' Beer Description (on can)

"In victory, the hero seeks the glory, not the prey." - Sir Philip Sidney, 16th Century

One of the oldest American battle flags in known existence is that of the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, formed in 1775 at the onset of the Revolution. Upon it reads the regimental motto selected by soldiers of New Hampshire: "The Glory, Not the Prey."

The spirit & memory of the New Hampshire regiments - and the words of Sir Philip Sidney which inspired them - resonates deeply with use here at Able; the work we put in everyday isn't driven by the prospect of awards or to be touted as better than another. Rather, our motivation is the pursuit of what we believe in; of what we love.

Hops & Malts used in the Glory Not The Prey brewing recipe

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