8% ABV Beers

8.4% Porter

Samoan DropBanded Brewing Company

We love Caramel deLites® (Samoas®). And we really like this beer. And, we really love Caramel deLites® (Samoas®). Had to be said twice.

8% Juicy Imperial 5-Hopped IPA

VGreater Good Imperial Brewing Company

V is what happens when you combine five different hops and expect magic. The symmetrical nature of the letter is also well representative of the journey from East to West Coast in the IPA itself.

8% New England Double IPA

Northern HeightsTen Bends Beer

Smooth drinking for an 8-percenter. Northern Heights is a good fishing beer. After a few 16oz cans, you'll hardly care that the only thing you caught was a hard time for getting home late.