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Massachusetts Craft Beers

The Bay State brews some of the best beers in the world, thanks to Tree House, Trillium and other fantastic craft brewers.

7.4% Imperial Porter

Campfire KingBarrel House Z

A hint of sugary graham cracker goodness comes through in the aftertaste of Barrel House Z's Imperial S'more Porter.

5.6% Blonde

Blonde AleLlamaNama Beer Labs

LlamaNama brews a really fun blonde ale, because everything about a Llama in a bow tie and ski goggles should be fun.

7.1% Milkshake IPA

Martin & LewisWidowmaker Brewing Company

A full-bodied Milkshake IPA without being overly saturated. The vanilla is tasteful and complementary. We will agree on the maximum creaminess. A "making dinner" beer.

6.7% NEIPA

Route 14067 Degrees Brewing

One of the brewery's signature beers. An all-around drinker that didn't excel at any one thing, but managed to stay balanced and do a bunch of them right.

7.3% IPA

JessAmherst Brewing Company

Jess is a flight crew member of the Jane Doe experimental hoppy series that ABC brews. The IPAs are named to go along with their WWII-inspired pinups.

6.2% IPA

OutermostHog Island Beer Company

A draft that can be found on tap around Cape Cod, Hog Island's Outermost IPA is well-hopped with a balance of citrus flavor and bitterness.

6.5% IPA

Maya MaeWash Ashore Beer Company

Wash Ashore's Maya Mae IPA is the type of beer you could see yourself drinking with a plate of buffalo wings, especially hot hot wings, as you want some of the bitterness to distract from the heat.

8% Double IPA

Things We Don't SayWandering Soul Beer Company

An all-around solid DIPA. A bit fruity at times. A beer to enjoy whilst sitting around a room and talking about music for hours. In some ways, music is the basis of the things we don't say.

8% Juicy Imperial 5-Hopped IPA

VGreater Good Imperial Brewing Company

V is what happens when you combine five different hops and expect magic. The symmetrical nature of the letter is also well representative of the journey from East to West Coast in the IPA itself.

8% Double IPA

400Mayflower Brewing Company

Oh Mayflower Brewing, we suppose you can be "America's Hometown Brewery" ... especially with a beer like 400. Man was this a tasty bevvy.

8.5% Double IPA

FuncrusherHonest Weight Artisan Beer

Brewed out in Orange, MA, a town that is definitely, uhh, somewhere in Massachusetts. Nah, jokes aside, Honest Weight is up on Route 2 just North of the Quabbin reservoir. Presumably there is good water to brew with out there.

8.5% Double IPA

LarryWachusett Brewing Company

Larry was a rich beer. It didn't hide, it didn't sneak, it didn't mask any flavor. It justs rolls off the canning line in 12oz form ready to be all it can be.

10% Triple IPA

Triple LindyMayflower Brewing Company

This beer is perfect a late September day trip to the beach. Even better for explaining to your business professor how business works in the real world - not Fantasyland.

5.3% White Ale

Cold SnapSamuel Adams Brewery

Sam Adams Cold Snap is the beer you wish you had in your hand when you realize that you just said yes to a Blue Moon.

4.5% Lemon Radler

Porch RockerSamuel Adams Brewery

Brewer/Patriot Sam Adams gives us the unofficial beer of a New England Summer with Porch Rocker. Ok, Sam Adams isn't still alive. But if he were, we're confident he'd like this radler.

5.2% Belgian-style Wheat Ale

WhiteSpencer Trappist Brewery

Brewed with sweet orange peel, this White (Wheat Ale) is a great complement to that adirondack chair you have in your backyard.

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