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Break Rock Brewing Company

Break Rock Brewing is Marina Bay's only (and possibly, first) craft brewery in operation.

534 Victory Road, Quincy, MA 02171
(617) 481-0019

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Some things to know when visiting Break Rock, straight from their site.

  1. They, "do not serve any gluten free beers. We do not serve any NA beers. We do serve soft drinks such as soda, juice, or water."
  2. Well behaved dogs and children are welcome in the taproom. Owners of those dogs and children are solely responsible for them.

The brewery is a short drive from Boston.

Break Rock Brewing Company Hours

Break Rock Brewing Company Beers

Gotta wonder if they drop eggs into their beers with Ham and Egger.

Break Rock Brewing Company Food

They serve chips and a small snack pack. That's about it.