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Lawson's Finest Liquids, Waitsfield, VT
Lawson does brew fine liquids

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Can I eat at breweries near me?

In today's current climate, no. Setting that aside, it depends. Brewpubs and many taprooms have full-service kitchens. Many tasting rooms choose to send out the bat signal to local food trucks, which is fantastic, because nothing pairs better with a hoppy IPA than a few dozen carnitas tacos.

Do craft breweries near me offer happy hour?

To start, it really depends on whether or not your state allows it. A state like Massachusetts is not serving up happy hour any time soon. Unlike sports bars that need to incentivize Budweiser, Coors, and Miller "pilsners", as well as should-be-at-work-but-I'm-not 3:37pm patronization, craft breweries may not want to discount their artisan lagers and belgian saisons.

Are microbreweries near me family-friendly?

Always best to check ahead of time. Brewpubs function as restaurants, and in general, allow children. As for microbreweries and tasting rooms, it comes down to both the law, and, how the owners wish to conduct their business.

Jack's Abby and their Springdale Barrel Room presented some issues a few years back. The Jack's Abby beer hall was a family-friendly spot to grab a bite to eat, but you couldn't take your children next door to the barrel room to make the swap from lager to ale. Eventually, the city of Framingham lightened up on the rules & regs to allow for kids to be present until 6pm at Springdale. If you visit before 2pm on a Sunday, rest assured, you will see some children.

Some breweries are even dog-friendly. Once again, best to check ahead of time. Nothing worse than showing up and finding out you have to leave your puppers in the car.

Do breweries near me have entertainment?

The aforementioned Springdale Barrel Room has trivia nights and a few bag toss boards set up. And that's not uncommon, as Trivia Nights are one of the most popular forms of bar, and now brewery, entertainment. Beyond bags, Worcester's Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company has an old Street Fighter arcade game. Dorchester, part of Boston, has a brewpub attached to a bowling alley.

Let's not forget live music. Live bands could, and probably do, make a tour just on playing breweries and tasting rooms across the country. Good music and good beer need to be consumed all the same.

Where can I find local craft breweries near me?

If searching for breweries by city, state, or region isn't your thing, then you're in luck, because the internet couldn't have made it easier to find them. Just do a quick Google search for "breweries near me" and you will be amazed by the results.

Whether you are looking for a new belgian-style wheat beer, or you just need a pale ale growler fill from your local taproom, our craft beer directory should help you find the closest microbrewery to you.

How do I start a brewery?

Good question. We have put together a handy guide on how to startup a brewery. Check it out and let us know what you think and whether or not it helped.

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