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Daydreaming Brewing Company

According to the brewers, Daydreaming focuses on small batch traditional English-style ales, both on tap, and as hand-drawn cask ales. Sounds pretty sweet to us.

1 1/2 E Broadway, Derry, NH 03038, Derry, NH 03038
(603) 965-3454

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Daydreaming Brewing Company in Derry, NH
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They're also fans of Dungeons & Dragons, the original source of "DMing", having released a lineup of "insidious" beers that center around the tabletop role-playing game. If you're going to take on The Champion, an 11.5% abv Wheat Wine Aged in Red Wine Barrels, you're going to have to roll a D20 to save vs. inebriation.

While we're on the subject of craft beer, let us share with you our favorite Daydreaming Brewing beer name ... There Is No Dana, Only Zythos. Strong work, Daydreaming. Strong work.

Daydreaming Brewing Company Hours

Daydreaming Brewing Company Beers

Daydreaming brews a variety of beers that generally skew toward English-Style ales. Here they are below.

Rotational Beers

Good to keep a few beers around for the people, ya know? Not everyone walking in the door will want to quaff a strong barleywine.

Insidious Beers

A line up of monthly-produced beers that thematically tie to D&D. If you aren't drinking these beers in tankards, you just aren't doing it right. Now go ask the innkeep if any merchants need bodyguards cause you're going on a quest.