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Wooo!!Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company

Wooo!!, an Imperial Juicy Hazy IPA brewed by Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company

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Brewery Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company
Type of Beer New England IPA
ABV 10%

Always a good move to brew a beer for the city/town you're in.

Moosachusetts, USA!

Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company's Beer Description (on can)

Brewed in the WOO, this IPA is a perfect example of what GG prides itself on ... huge beers, massive flavor. WOOO!! is dry-hopped to the max with Sabro, Ella & Idaho 7 hops, for a sweet, tropical hop flavor accompanied by a soft and creamy mouthfeel. Coming in at 10% ABV, this combination of flavor and ABV will have you whispering "WOOO!!" to yourself after the first sip.


Hops & Malts used in the Wooo!! brewing recipe

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