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Nicole's Extra Ginger Beer

Craft brewed for the Seaworth, or so they say.

Nicole's Extra Ginger Beer, a Ginger Beer brewed by Halyard Brewing Company

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Nicole's Extra Ginger Beer
Brewery Halyard Brewing Company
Type of Beer Ginger Beer
ABV 6%

At 173 calories, this Ginger Beer isn't for the calorie-conscious. It's fun to see that it has a nutrition chart on the label though. It is gluten-free though.

"Caribbean style ginger beer with fresh ginger heat"

Halyard Brewing Company Beer Description

Brewed with extra ginger for wildwomen and madmen: artists, nomads, dancers, and potels.

We have worked hard to rediscover the last technique of brewing alcoholic ginger beer. In the process, we invented an incredibly delicious variety of ginger beers.

Hops & Malts used in the Nicole's Extra Ginger Beer brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Nicole's Extra Ginger Beer