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Mine Shaft Brewing Company

Easy to be in the brewing business when you're close to the base of a major U.S. ski mountain and in a major ski town like Park City.

1750 Sun Peak Drive, Park City, UT 84098

(954) 295-5032

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Not far from the bottom of the Cabriolet Lift at Park City Mountain. Not much better to do than to grab a pint of beer after spending a day avoiding trees in the Murdock Bowl. Cool place to startup a brewery

Breweries near Mine Shaft Brewing Company in Park City, UT

Here are the other Park City breweries to check out. It's always good to see major ski towns & regions have a good craft beer scene. Speaking of, there are a fair amount of breweries around Lake Tahoe.

Mine Shaft Brewing Company Beer

Mine Shaft brews beers, crafts ciders, and also makes fruit-style ales, such as mango and orange. Mango and orange seem like they could serve as breakfast beers. If we're talking interesting beer names, then Zion Dog Storm Front has got to be part of the conversation.

Brewery Food/Menu

Traditional American fare. They offer beer pairing suggestions to go with their menu.

Brewery Entertainment & Events

They feature artists from time to time.

Brewery Merch & Swag