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Does it taste like a fluffernutter? Actually, ya, sort of. Is it supposed to? We don't, uh, well, think so?

Fluffinity, a New England IPA brewed by Night Shift Brewing.
The can sure looks like a fluffernutter ...

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Brewery Night Shift Brewing
Type of Beer New England IPA
ABV 7%

Dynamite shout out to Buzz Lightyear! We went to Fluffinity and Beyond and found both Fluffinity, and beyond, a great place to be on a Saturday night. Smooth and enjoyable is a great way to star the discussion around this 7% abv NEIPA from Night Shift.

Night Shift Brewing Beer Description

To Fluffinity and beyond! This 7.0% hop-bomb IPA is a fresh squeeze from the orangest, haziest, juiciest clouds you’ve never seen.

Pours light orange with a fluffy white head and thick haze. Bursting with flavors of tangerine, pineapple candy, and ripe mango. Sips smooth and juicy, without overwhelming bitterness. Finishes surprisingly clean. Easy to crack another.

If you’re a die-hard following us quite closely – this recipe is inspired by In Development NEIPA batches #2 and #4 – the best of both worlds.

A 16oz can of Fluffinity poured into a pint glass
Opaque pour. Rich taste. Good [beer name](/beer-names/).

Hops & Malts used in the Fluffinity brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Fluffinity

We dug it. The (almost salty) sweetness was a bit confusing, as it led us down the fluffernutter path. That said, there was ample fruit in this hazy golden IPA.