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Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival

~5,000 folks will gather to enjoy samples of beer and cider crafted from brewers in Oklahoma, as well as the reps from most other states.

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OCBF20 will see over 80 brewers from around the globe pouring staple beers, as well as experimental craft brews to the festival's many attendees. At least 25 of those brewers will be from local Oklahoma Craft Breweries.


There will be tickets available for two sessions: Regular and VIP. Designated drivers will be allowed to attend the OK Craft Beer Fest for free. Both sessions offer a commemorative 5oz glass, festival map, and unlimited 1 ounce samples of over 400 beers. The VIP session offers brewers and brewery reps pouring all samples, limited ticket sales, and shorter lines.

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Oklahoma Breweries in Attendance

Other Brewers in Attendance

Thoughts on the beer fest

The goal of the quest, which in truth is more like a large scale, multi-day brewery tour compressed into a 3 hour session, is to visit every craft beer brewery in the Sooner State's premier craft beer festival. With half of the state's microbreweries in Oklahoma City and Tulsa respectively, we probably should have just done a weekend in each city.

If only Stack Brewing was there to serve Puppers Beer ...

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