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Placerville Bell Tower Brewfest

The Placerville Brewfest is one of the most enjoyable craft beer events in the Greater Sacramento area. The event is 3+ hours of geeking out on craft beer. Attendees can sample modern & delicious ales, traditional lagers, and experimental craft brews that use a variety of hops and malts.

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The beer is excellent, the food trucks are fun, and there are a lot worse ways to spend several hours of your life than hanging out downtown enjoying a drink. Plus, where else can you have a beer in public near a real bell tower.

Brewfest Details & Sessions

The event features more than 40+ craft brewers & cideries, as well as local meaderies & vineyards. It is a 21+ event that spans over 3+ hours. Local restaurants will be in attendance as well live music at the venue.

If you're looking for another beer fest in Placerville, look no further than the Motherlode Beer & Music Festival.

Placerville Bell Tower Brewfest Location

Placerville Bell Tower
Downtown Placerville
Placerville, CA 95667, USA

Where and when does the Placerville Beer Festival take place?

The beer festival place from 5-9pm in the Historic Main Street District downtown.

How much are tickets to the Placerville Beer Festival?

Tickets can usually be had for $35-40. There is a VIP ticket ($45-50) that costs extra that grants you special privileges, including early arrival, larger tasting glass, and a reusable swag bag.

Placerville Craft Beer

Placerville is home to three craft breweries and is on the El Dorado Ale Trail, so you can expect them to attend. You will also see reps from Tahoe breweries. If you want to be an entrant next year, you should really brush up on your skills by reading a book on how to brew beer.

Speaking of El Dorado, we are big fans of El Dorado hops.

We heard rumors of koozies being given away one year ...

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