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2022 Power Brew Fest

On May 14h, 2022, the 5th Annual Power Beer Fest will take place at the Boston Cyclorama.

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The Massachusetts Brewers Guild puts on this beer appreciation tour de force every year at the Cyclorama. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit, which in turn, benefits other Massachusetts breweries.

Beer fest style 4oz Lost Shoe Brewing pours
Lost Shoe Brewing attends the Power Brew Fest

Brewfest Details & Sessions

There will be tickets available for two sessions. Unlimited beer samples.

Get tickets to the Power Beer Fest.

Power Brew Fest Location

539 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02216

Breweries in attendance

Lots of local brewers show up for this beer fest.

Food vendors in attendance

Power Beer Fest terms

Per the beer fest:

This event is for ages 21+, IDs required at the door. No exceptions. This is a beer industry event -- no cider, wine or hard seltzer is served. No dogs allowed except for service animals. No Refunds. No exceptions. Breweries may be subject to change. Being green is important to us - bring an empty canteen to fill up on cold, refreshing, filtered still and sparkling water at the Bluedrop Water Station. H20 is your friend

Unfortunately, you're gonna have to leave your puppers at home for this one, bro.

Be Excellent. Join Us.

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