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T. Kelley Hop

T. Kelley Hop, a IPA brewed by Rek'-lis Brewing Company

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T. Kelley Hop
Brewery Rek'-lis Brewing Company
Type of Beer IPA
ABV 5.9%

Beer Description

Two Breweries. Two Passions.

This collaborative beer represents friendship and a mutual love of an amazing sport that brings us back to our childhood. Saco River Brewing and Rek-Lis brewing designed and brewed this beer to share it with our respective mountain bike communities. Ride Noco and Bethlehem Trail Association are creating new trails for us all to enjoy. So go out, explore the trails, ride them to the limit, and show your support with a fresh local beer.

Cracked frames. Hot brakes. Scratched stanchion. Snapped derailleur. Bruised shins. Shattered pinky.

Drink beer. Ride Trails. Hop like Kelley. Go fast. No brakes. Explore trails. Stay WIK-ID. Live Reklis.

Hops & Malts used in the T. Kelley Hop brewing recipe

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