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Get outside and take a shandy with you, they say. We're ok with that.

Shandy, a Hard Cider brewed by Stowe Cider
The can screams summer

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Brewery Stowe Cider
State Vermont
Type of Beer Hard Cider
ABV 5.5%

"Totally Summer & Pleasantly Tart", many, many Vermont lawns were mowed right before this Shandy was consumed. We're pretty positive of that.

Crafted in Vermont, this Hazy Cider with Homemade Lemonade is well worth you tracking down. It sits right in the middle of Super Dry and Stowe Sweet, according to the fine artisans at Stowe Cider.

Stowe Cider Cider Description

When life gives you lemons ... Just kidding, but this cider truly is the main squeeze.

For best results enjoy this cider in the spirit of Vermont - cold and in good company.