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Brewery: Upland Brewing


Type of Beer: Lichtenhainer

ABV: 6%

Abraxxxas, a Smoked Lichtenhainer - Weisse brewed by Upland Brewing Company

Abraxxxas was brewed and canned by Upland Brewing Company, a brewery in Indiana. Licthenhainer-style beers have fallen out of commercial production. Freigeist, the folks with this recipe, are working to bring them back. In fact, Freigeist, "was founded in 2009 with a mission to revive Germany's lost regional, artisanal ales. We now offer bold American-influenced, American-brewed twists on our homeland's most popular beer styles.""

Upland Brewing Beer Description

Inspired by the eastern German tart wheat beer style once known as "Lichtenhainer," Abraxxxas is sour and complex, with a a balancing smoky maltness.

Hops & Malts used in the Abraxxxas brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Abraxxxas

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