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Lakefront Brewery New Grist

A gluten-free pilsner, New Grist from Lakefront Brewery is an easy-drinker from the good state of Wisconsin.

Kona Brewing Company Longboard

Every lager enjoyed on an island should be an Island Lager. However, this one from Kona is the real deal.

Kona Brewing Company Kona Light

Kona makes sure to let you know that their Kona Light Blonde Ale is only 99 calories. The bottle tells you this twice.

Kona Brewing Company Castaway

Have too many of these 6-percenters and you may find yourself on an island of inebriation.

Kona Brewing Company Big Wave

At 4.4%, it's not a huge wave of ABV. It is a Big Wave of Island Flavor, so there's that.