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A downright tasty DIPA that has a distinctive and focused tropical flavor.

Tribute, a Double India Pale Ale brewed by 14th Star Brewing Company
So green, like Vermont

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Brewery 14th Star Brewing Company
Type of Beer Double IPA
ABV 8.1%
IBU 75

Great mouthfeel, rich and inviting aromas, and delicious. And, it is available year-round. What more could you want from a beer? Vermont's 14th Star Brewing out of St. Albans nailed this Double IPA.

Check out 14th Star canning Tribute.

14th Star Brewing Company Beer Description

Our Tribute Double IPA is a celebration of hops. A complex yet smooth malt base serves as a state for the hops to perform. Tribute has a beautiful golden color with a flavor and aroma brimming with citrusy hops. Deliciously smooth with a crisp and dry finish. Enjoy!

14th Star recommends that you store & serve this can of cheer at 38°-45°.

Hops & Malts used in the Tribute brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Tribute

Yes yes yes, will drink again. A fun beer to drink.