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IPA Review

Live Free. Drink 603. ... can we live 603 and drink for free?

603 Brewery IPA
603 Brewery IPA

The 603 Brewery is one of the many New Hampshire breweries releasing good product, and this IPA falls right into that category. Sold around New England, you can easily find it anywhere between Boston and the Lakes Region.

Is it the best IPA of all-time? No. 603 themselves brew a better IPA with Scenic. But, what makes this India Pale Ale good is its balance. Not overly hopped, not overly aroma'd, not overly flavorful. Just a good beer. And, that's all it needs to be.

Would be good in keg format for a Labor Day, or even a Columbus Day cookout. Yes, October would be best for the 603 IPA.

ABV 7.3