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Campfire King Review

A hint of sugary graham cracker goodness comes through in the aftertaste of Barrel House Z's Imperial S'more Porter.

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Barrel House Z Campfire King
Barrel House Z Campfire King

If the flavor of the (Limited Release) Campfire King could be described as a shape, it would be rounded (not a shape at all). Smooth, creamy, sugary, rich, lavish, maybe a hint of roast coffee. The beer can artwork suggests S'more all the way. The Salvador Dali dripping cocoa browns and whites are 2/3rds the way through to the Campfire S'more. The brown lettering is the can's nod to the graham cracker, we suppose (?).

Anyway, bringing this Imperial S'more Porter to your next campfire, firepit, on-street car torching (criminal, and not advised at all), will certainly make you king of that campfire. Who needs actual Smores when you can drink this?

Great for an Autumn evening under the stars with a standalone firepit in the yard. We do not recommend this beer for Spring or Summer. Fall? Winter? Have at it. Barrel House Z does a great job marrying the S'more to the Porter and the Porter to the S'more.

ABV 7.4