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Samuel Adams Brewery Cold Snap

Sam Adams Cold Snap is the beer you wish you had in your hand when you realize that you just said yes to a Blue Moon.

Rockingham Brewing Company Blond Melon

A beer drinking pig sitting in a rocking chair seems very, very trustworthy, right?

Riverwalk Brewing Company Yacht Rocker

Another beer to enjoy whilst listening to Toto and sitting in or on the bow of a boat.

Riverwalk Brewing Company The Saga Continues

Special News Bulletin - we've just received a report that your liver is under attack by swarms of killer beers.

Rising Tide Brewing Company Zephyr

A year-round IPA from Maine's Rising Tide brewery. Certainly not an ancient recipe, considering the Maine 2-Row malt.

Rek•Lis Brewing Company Wik-Id

Why not enjoy one after that failed attempt on a Manual going down the hills near Bretton Woods.

Redemption Rock Brewing Company War Castle

As far as War Castles go, Worcester could be defensible along Lake Quinsigamond. So there's that.

Ragged Island Brewing Company Hoop House

Perhaps the beer most suited to setting up an actual Hoop House in your garden.