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War Castle Review

As far as War Castles go, Worcester could be defensible along Lake Quinsigamond. So there's that.

Redemption Rock Brewing Company War Castle
Redemption Rock Brewing Company War Castle

From, "English: habitational name from the city of Worcester, named from Old English ceaster ‘Roman fort or walled city’ (Latin castra ‘legionary camp’) + a British tribal name of uncertain origin."

So, War Castle it is. A good mix of hoppiness, tropical aroma, citrus, and bitterness. Maybe a touch of grapefruit. Though it was an after dinner relaxation beer, War Castle would be a great grill mate, especially when cooking up beer brats. A 6.8% abv and the right fruit to hop ratio would keep you attentive, yet light-hearted whilst grilling up some steak tips.

The cat and dog coat of arms on the beer can is fantastic. Strong work, Danielle Brooks. Gotta wonder if Redemption Rock has a brewery puppers trotting around the taproom and this can is in tribute ...

War Castle had the right balance of attributes for a NEIPA. The Redemption Rock brewery is on our must visit list for our next self-guided Worcester Brew Tour, so perhaps we will enjoy the War Castle freshly poured. Redemption Rock and Bay State Brewing need to be checked off the list.

ABV 6.8
IBU 45
Hops Cascade,Centennial,Chinook,Citra,Columbus