Dog-inspired Craft Beer and Brewery names

In the eternal fight for man's (and woman's) best friendship, are two forces of nature, beer, and dogs. Craft brewers around the United States have done an excellent job of marrying the two, either in their chosen brewery name, a specific craft beer, or, in the case of Everett, Massachusetts' own Bone Up Brewing Company, creating a whole craft beer series dedicated to dogs.

It's fairly clear that dogs play a large part of commercial microbrewing, as evidenced by the large number of craft beers and breweries named after dogs. Some breweries, including Shackett's Brewing Company in Bristol, NH, have a brew dog on-staff.

Craft beers named for dogs

Lots of ways to handle craft beers named for dogs. Some are general, like Brouwerij West's, "A Dog Ate My Homework". Some are specific, like Wash Ashore Beer Company's "Maya Mae". Others care more about the dog type, like Rahr Brewing's "Ugly Pug", or Modus Operandi's "Black Lab Milk Stout".

Breweries with Dog in their name

Lotta dogs out there. Surprised Snoop Dogg doesn't have his own brewery (though he does have his own wine). Seems like a missed opportunity.

Anyway, Dogfish may be the most recognizable of the dog-related breweries. Flying Dog is immensely popular as well.

  • Big Dog's Brewing Company
  • Bird Dog Brewing
  • Dogfish Head
  • Dirty Dog Brewing
  • Flying Dog
  • Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
  • Island Dog Brewing
  • Sea Dog Brewing Company
  • Thirsty Dog Brewing Company
  • White Dog Brewing

Bone Up Brewing brews a Puppers Past Series. These beers are dedicated to, and named after, their "departed companions". Part of the proceeds goes to local dog rescues.

Included in their line up are Chance, Rufus (awesome beer/dog name), Haley, and Mr. Buttons.

Beer themed dog names

If you're a craft beer lover, what would be better than naming your dog after a beer? Or, in some cases, a variety of hop? Or, just Beer itself?

  • Beers!
  • Bomber
  • Brewski
  • Bud
  • Chinook
  • Fuggles
  • Growler
  • Miller
  • Porter
  • Stout