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Busch Dog Brew All-Natural Pork Bone Broth

Busch introduced Dog Brew and life was never the same. This is true as much for us humans as it is for the canine world. Bon(e) Appétit.

A dog and a can of Busch Dog Brew
This good pup deserved to eat the whole can | Photo Credit to Anheuser-Busch

Like, did we know that our furry friends were missing a canned pork broth from a mass producer of suds? No, we did not.

But it’s here now and dog treats, like our tail-wagging drinking buddy, have been forever altered ... hopefully for the better.

Anyway, this can of Anheuser-Busch produced pork butt bone broth is riffing on the ever-familiar can of Busch Beer. You know the beer, it’s the one you drank with your actual best friend in college. It’s been around since before the internet, so there’s no need for you to join the other Social Media responders in adding ridiculous beer-related hashtags to posts decrying how Busch Dog Brew is the National Dog Day treat that your little pooch, Rex - or whatever you dog’s name is - has been missing all of his life.

What is Busch Dog Brew Made Of (Ingredients)

Beyond the ingredients listed below, 1 can (355 ml) of Dog Brew is made up of 0.5% protein, 0.41% fat, and 1.5% fiber. Its calorie count is 16 kcal/kg.

  • Basil
  • Bone-in Pork Butt
  • Celery
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Turmeric
  • Water
  • Whole corn

Does Dog Brew Get Dogs Drunk? Is this a Canine-Friendly Beer?

No, Busch Dog Brew is not beer. In fact, dogs shouldn’t drink beer. According to the Daily Paws, “Beer is at the top of the list of food or drink humans enjoy that can be toxic to dogs.”

Given that, Busch made sure to keep this bark brew alcohol-free to ensure that your puppers stays safe and sound. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a cold one though. And don’t worry, the company won’t mind if you opt for a Busch Light.

How should dogs consume Dog Brew?

Either on its own, before or after a meal, or layered over dry food. Dog Brew can be like an appetizer or aperitif for pups if served solo. If layered over dry food, it helps to soften it up - which some dogs prefer.

Where can you buy Dog Brew?

Unlike Bud Light which is sold anywhere and everywhere, Busch Dog Brew is only sold online. However, it does ship to everywhere in the United States. You can buy it in four-packs, just like your favorite craft beer tallboys.

You’d think that it would be available on sites such as Amazon and, but the company is holding strong to their own e-comm channel and selling on exclusively, from what we can tell.

Can humans consume Dog Brew?

Technically, yes. But would you really want to? We’re not really into eating or drinking anything marketed to our pets.

Here’s a direct quote from Busch on the matter, “Suuure, if that’s what you’re into! We here at Busch do not judge. BUT this bone broth is made for a dog’s refined palate. You may find it pretty bland & yes, we’ve tried it a few times. Part of the job.”

How did Dog Brew come to market?

Once they realized that dog beer is a no-go, due to hops being toxic to pups, Busch decided to push forward with this (maybe?) one of a kind beverage/meal in a can. According to Thrillist, they even hired a dog as their Chief Tasting Officer to vet the product last year for its re-release. It was originally sold for National Dog Day in 2020.

According to FastCompany, “Ethan, a rescue dog from Kentucky was selected for the one-of-a-kind job that comes with a $20,000 salary, veterinary healthcare coverage, and many pet projects.” Well good on Ethan for getting into the Final Fur and winning the Bark Bracket.

The coolest part there was the $20,000 salary that came along with the role. But let’s be honest, if your dog became the Chief Tasting Officer and earned that $20k, wouldn’t you just trade it in for $20k worth of Busch Heavies and throw the best beer pong tournament of all-time?

Then again, rescue dog Ethan from Kentucky’s owner is probably more interested in $20k of bourbon. That's a whole lot of neat whiskeys.

Alternatives to Busch Dog Brew

If you can't get ahold of Busch's Bone Broth for Dogs, try Brutus Bone Broth. For starters, it comes in four flavors: Beef, Chicken, Pork and Salmon. And according to Brutus, "Every serving of Brutus Bone Broth for dogs is infused with Glucosamine and Chondroitin to support healthy hips and joints in all dogs including puppies and older dogs."

Apparently Brutus Bone Broth will be giving out samples at a small event that Night Shift Brewing is hosting this summer (2022).

Wrapping up

What a hilariously awesome new product from the Busch Innovation Team. FastCompany states that Jake Kirsch, the VP of Innovation at Anheuser-Busch, said, “Our ambition is to be leading the future growth of our industry, and to do that, we have to be going where consumers are going.”

Accessibility for dogs wasn’t where we saw consumers going, but that’s neither here nor there. Whether you live surf-side in SoCal or in the cold north of Minnesota, Busch Dog Brew is ready to fill up Rex’s bowl and give that (necessary?) boost to his digestive system.

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