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The Best Craft Beer, Liquor, Seltzer & Wine Hashtags

Here's a list of some of the best craft beverage hashtags to use when posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in 2022.

A single red hashtag set apart from the other hashtags
Of course drinking has its own hashtags

Drinking Hashtags

One of our favorite hashtags to use is #ThirstyThursday. Thirsty Thursday is a callout to college kids who are looking to rage on a Thursday night because they've scheduled their Friday classes to start a bit later than the rest of the week. Or, just a general call-to-arms for Thursday night drinks. Either works.

  • #thirstythursday

Beer / Craft Beer Hashtags

Events such as Brewfests tend to establish their own hashtag so that participants can let the world know of their attendance and spread the love to all of their followers by letting them know which of the attending breweries beer that they are consuming.

Hashtags are also good for [drinking holidays], such as in the case of St. Patrick's Day, where 13,000,000 pints of Guinness are consumed every year, and, National Beer Day.

As you'll notice from the list though, the top beer hashtags tend to have the word beer in them. The funny hashtags tend to be a bit more on the creative side.

  • #beer
  • #beers
  • #beeradvocate
  • #beerguy
  • #beerme
  • #beerporn
  • #brewfest
  • #burgersandbeer
  • #cerveza
  • #craftbeer
  • #craftbrew
  • #homebrew
  • #hops
  • #ipa

Liquor Hashtags

Booze hashtags tend not to be as creative as some of the others. It's more of a, "This type of booze is what I'm drinking right now" sort of thing. Or, it's commonly used to explain why the person is having a bad day - aka - a headache.

  • #alcohol
  • #bourbon
  • #gin
  • #tequila

Seltzer Hashtags

Hard seltzer, while maybe not as boozy as the rest, still packs a punch if you drink enough of it.

  • #hardseltzer
  • #sparklingwater
  • #truly
  • #whiteclaw

Wine Hashtags

Like National Beer Day, National Drink Wine Day deserves its own hashtags.