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Night Shift Brewing

Only the Commodores work the Night Shift harder than the good folks at Night Shift Brewing. And that's saying something, because the brewery has its hands in every part of the craft beer brewing, distributing, and marketing business.

Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA
There is outdoor space just out of the shot

Night Shift is a brewery that took the New England brewing scene by storm by offering craft beer, wine, cider, seltzer, and even coffee. Starting in 2007 amongst friends, before going official in 2012, Night Shift Brewing operates their main brewery at 87 Santilli Highway in Everett. From there, they expanded to a few pop-up beer gardens along the Charles River and an experimental brewery at Lovejoy Wharf that trots out a scratch kitchen.

They even created their own beer distribution company to ensure that their quality brew made it into the hands of their dedicated customer base. This service grew to include breweries not only within New England, but beyond, including Illinois, North Carolina, California, and even Germany. For example, if you're drinking a Ghostfish Brewing Company Shrouded Summit in Massachusetts, it probably came through Night Shift Distributing.

Other Night Shift Brewing Locations

Owls Nest Esplanade

When it comes to the two Owls Nest pop-ups, Night Shift knew what they were doing. The Esplanade beer garden is across the Arthur Fiedler bridge from Boston Common and next to the Hatch Shell. In short, heavy, heavy foot traffic.

Owls Nest Allston

You can find Night Shift's Allston Pop-up in Christian Herter Park, adjacent to the Dudley White Bike Path and the Charles River. The beer garden offers live music as well.

Night Shift Brewing Brewery's Hours

Curbside & Pick-up To-Go

  • Mon-Tue - Closed
  • Wed-Fri - 2-6pm
  • Sat-Sun - 12-6pm

Indoor & Patio Reservations

  • Mon-Tue - Closed
  • Wed-Fri - 4-9pm
  • Sat - 12-9pm
  • Sun - 12-6pm

Night Shift Brewing Beer

Hoppy ales, craft lagers, a weisse series, and limited releases, like Phone Home and How 'R Ya Now, comprise the Night Shift lineup. If anyone wants to split a case of Night Shift beer, let us know.

It's always enjoyable to see a brewery pay some homage to the Puppers Beer drinking folk of Letterkenny. How 'R Ya Now is a great beer for chorin' or verbally dunking on hockey players. The lemon is a nice touch. Same goes with To Be Fair.

Night Shift Brewing Food/Menu

Night Shift employs food trucks to serve you grub. As a reminder, all Massachusetts Breweries and Restaurants that remain open require a food purchase in order to be served beer in the pandemic*.

* Double check this, but we're fairly certain

Night Shift Brewing Entertainment & Events

You can host an event in their Everett Taproom. Maybe a wedding. Maybe a fantasy football draft. Your call.

Got a band? Play at the Everett brewery or the Owl's Nest in Allston. We imagine they probably extend a line of beers for the performers, given that they ask for your booking rate in the band sign-up form.

Night Shift Brewing Merch & Swag

Plenty of merch. Wood cut ornaments with the Night Shift logo. Winter Warmer sets with beer mugs, pint glasses, craft coffee and stickers. T-shirts. Beer Mats. A leash and collar for Fido, or whatever your dog's name is.