Taproom in South Portland, ME

Island Dog Brewing

125 John Roberts Road, South Portland, ME 04106
(207) 747-5258

Island Dog Brewing produces craft beer that aligns itself with German and Belgian roots.

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Island Dog Brewing Beer

Dear Island Dog, we hear you brew a Pineapple Saison. We need at least a case of that beer. Like, today. Same goes for the Black Forest Cherry Porter. How about we fill our trunk up with ice, toss you a few benjamins, and you just forklift a palette's worth of A Beer Called Blue, Black Forest, and Pineapple Bays into it.

  • 3 Buoy Brown
  • A Beer Called Blue
  • Captain Tucker
  • ClearCut
  • Unit 15

Brewery Food/Menu

There is an OTTO pizza next door. Bring it on in to Island Dog. Craft beer, craft pizza, it makes sense.

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