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Brewery in Portland, ME

Allagash Brewing Company

50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103
(207) 878-5385

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Allagash Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Portland, Maine. This brewery is best known for their Belgian-style white beer, which is brewed using a process called spontaneous fermentation, where the sugars in the beer ferment from the same yeast that it is brewed with. Allagash Brewing Company is also known for their process of barrel aging, which is done in wine barrels from wineries.

Established in 1995, Allagash Brewing Company is the first Belgian-style brewery in the United States. The brewery was founded in Portland, Maine, by Rob Tod who was trained in Belgium.

Allagash Brewing Company features a unique brewing process, utilizing a coolship to cool down the hot wort after boiling. The wort is then transferred to the traditional, open fermenters, where it will cool overnight. In the morning, the wort is introduced to a mix of its house yeast and its spontaneously-fermenting wild yeast.

So exactly what is a Coolship?!