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Fermenter vs. Fermentor vs. Bioreactor

According to Merriam & Webster, a fermenter is an organism that causes fermentation. There is also fermenter, the apparatus that is used in brewing.

Fermenting Homebrew Beer
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A fermenter, with regard to brewing beer, is a vessel that brewers use to convert wort into alcohol. Fermenters are typically made from stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Wort is the mixture of water and grains that has been boiled by the brewer. After boiling for an hour or so, the wort needs to be cooled before it can be put into the fermenter. The first step in converting wort into alcohol is to cool it down with water so there isn't any heat shock when adding it to the fermenter.

Where can you buy a Fermenter?

Any homebrewing shop worth their wort should be able to supply you with a fermentor. Large scale online brew supply shops like MoreBeer should be able to as well. Then there's always Amazon if you're low on cash and need two-day shipping.

The Ale Pail, a 6.5 gallon plastic fermenter with lid

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Types of Fermenters & Fermentors

Six Gallon Glass Carboy
Six Gallon Glass Carboy | Photo Credit to

Fermenter vs. Fermentor

Fermentor does not refer to the agent of fermentation, just the container.

Fermentor vs. Bioreactor

Fermentors only deal with fermentation, not biochemical reactions at large.