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Best Oktoberfest & German-Style Beers | Fall 2022

A list of some of the best Oktoberfest-style beers produced by German brewers, American brewers, and other breweries around the world.

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Two guys raising steins of beer at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Style Beers from U.S. Breweries

Feierzeit (Second Wind Brewing Company)

The doughy malt helps balance a crisp finish.

Oktoberfest (Burke's Alewerks)

Oktoberfest (Sierra Nevada)

Available in 12oz cans, Sierra Nevada's Amber Marzen is strong enough to pipe some zest into your bloodstream while not being overly expressive in alcohol content with its 5.5% ABV rating.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Facts

  • Malts: Black, Munich, Pilsner, Special Roast
  • Hops: Hersbrucker, Tradition
  • Yeast: Lager Yeast
  • 5.5% Alcohol by Volume
  • 19 Bitterness Units
  • 13.5° Original Gravity
  • 3.1° Finishing Gravity

Oktoberfest (Summit Brewing Company)

A full-bodied beer that's made for Autumn weekends, Summit Brewing's MĂ€rzen-style Oktoberfest is brewed with a mix of Northern Brewer, Tettnanger and Saaz hops. It's been enjoyed in Minnesota for two decades worth of Fall seasons with no signs of let up. Grab a sixer or 12-pack of cans and bottles, or, find it on tap at the local bar. Be careful, Summit's brew inspires folks to grab the nearest accordion and get jamming.

Summit Brewing Company Oktoberfest Facts

  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%
  • IBUs: 30
  • Original Gravity: 15.0° P
  • Color, (deg. L.): Bronze, 13° L
  • Hops Utilized: Northern Brewer, Tettnanger, Saaz
  • Malts Utilized: Moravian 37, Crystal, Munich, 2-Row Pale
  • Yeast: Lager
  • Established: 2001
Oktoberfest, a Marzen Lager brewed by Timberyard Brewing Company

Oktoberfest (Timberyard Brewing Company)

Pilsner (Von Trapp Brewing)

Vienna (Von Trapp Brewing)

Alexandr is brewed by Schilling Beer Company
Super cool brewery in Littleton, NH

Alexandr (Schilling Beer Company)

Belknap Pils, a German-style Pilsner brewed by Twin Barns Brewing Company
Everything is easier to enjoy at the Lake

Belknap Pils (Twin Barns Brewing Company)

This German-Style Pilsner is brewed with Saaz and Hallertau-Mittelfruh hops. Belknap Pils has some notes of bread, a bit of toasted biscuit, and a touch of hoppiness. This light golden ale fits perfectly into those last weeks of Summer, when the wind starts to shift and the first hint of a change in leave color is brought in by those September days.

Das Weizen, a Hefeweizen brewed by Springdale Beer Company
Das Weizen is German for The Weizen!

Das Weizen (Springdale Beer Company)

Das Weizen is brewed by Springdale, a spinoff from lager-only Jack's Abby Brewing. This is one delicious Hefeweizen, let us tell you. Springdale knows what they are doing with a kettle, that's for sure.

One thing to note, Jack's Abby has a delicious lineup of [Baltic Porters] in their Framinghammer series. If you're interested in keeping with the spirit of this article and enjoying European-style beers, give a Framinghammer a spin.

Tent Name Brewery Special Notes
MarstallSpaten-Franziskaner-BrĂ€uFirst tent visitors see Band: MĂŒnchner Zwietracht
ArmbrustschĂŒtzenzeltPaulanerPart of Oktoberfest since 1895 - offers a competition
HofbrĂ€u-FestzeltHofbrĂ€u MĂŒnchenPart of HofbrĂ€uhaus
Hacker-FestzeltHacker-PschorrHas a rock band for after 6pm
SchottenhamelSpaten-Franziskaner-BrÀuTapping of the keg to start the festival
Winzerer FĂ€hndlPaulanerHas a huge tower, with a Maß of Paulaner beer on top
SchĂŒtzen-FesthalleLöwenbrĂ€uSituated under the statue of Bavaria
KÀfer Wiesn-SchÀnkePaulanerThe smallest of the large tents serves food until after midnight
WeinzeltNymphenburger Sekt    Paulaner WeißbierWine tent and Weißbier
LöwenbrÀu-FesthalleLöwenbrÀuSits beneath a 15 foot tall lion
BrÀuroslHacker-PschorrHosts a gay and lesbian party on the first Sunday (Rosa Wiesn)
Augustiner-FesthalleAugustiner brÀuUses wooden rather than steel kegs
OchsenbratereiSpatenRoast ox dishes
Fischer-VroniAugustinerFish (Steckerlfisch) grilled outside the tent