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Belknap Pils Review

Named after the county it was brewed in, the Belknap Pils is a great beer for swinging your legs on a dock, waiting for the bobber to signal success.

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Twin Barns Brewing Company Belknap Pils
Twin Barns Brewing Company Belknap Pils

Bonus points for drinking it in Belknap County?

First things first, Twin Barns knows how to design a gorgeous can. The artwork looks like a modern, Adobe Illustrator designed, take on a Peter Ferber watercolor. Just look at it, the gorgeous warm gradient, the sunset set behind the mountains and forest, the lake that's screaming for a fresh wake from an antique Chris-Craft.

This couldn't be accomplished without an awesome brewery logo. A logo helps guide all design decisions.

As for the beer, Belknap Pils is a balanced European-style pilsner, brewed with Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. A balanced, light golden ale that offers some malt, some bread, and some hoppiness without being overbearing in any way, this Pils would excel as a lawnmower beer. Or, toss a sixer in the cooler and crack a few after a strong day of waterskiing in Blackey Cove.

You could also use Belknap Pils as a beer brat beer.

It's an all day drinker for sure. Just don't let the 5.4% sneak up on you or you'll feel like you ran aground on The Witches.


ABV 5.4