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Prost is How You Say Cheers in German

Every language has their own word that represents the time-honored tradition of raising a glass together in the celebration of life, family, and friends.

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People raising beer steins to clink glasses together

Prost is one of the most well known drinking toasts in the world. Considering that the oldest brewery in the world is in Germany, we think it's easy to understand why. There's even a book entitled, "Prost! The Story of German Beer", writer by Horst D. Dornbusch. Prost to that!

Beers to drink after you say Prost!

German-style beers, obviously. The last time we said Prost! was with an Oktoberfest from Burke's Alewerks. They had a sweet little beer garden set up outside the taproom.

When is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest, at least in Munich, is cancelled for 2021.

Proper Etiquette of using Prost!

  1. Say Prost! Sounds simple, right? Many people dive right into taking a sip because their a) impatient or b) thirsty or c) impatient and thirsty. It's generally not a lack of respect because most people simply don't know the proper rules of etiquette. We blame Budweiser.

  2. Clink the Bottom. Forgo the top clink or the mid-can glass smash technique and make sure that the bottom of your beer glass, or preferably, beer stein touch.

  3. Know Your Neighbor. Don't be shy. Look around. See who you are drinking with. Lock eyes. Celebrate the glory.

U.S. Biergartens, Breweries, Craft Beer Shops, Pubs, and Wine Bars named Prost

Prost is a great name to build a drinking establishment around. As you can see the United States does not lack for places with the word "Prost" in their name.

Other Oktoberfest Phrases to Say


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