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Brewery Logos are (sometimes) the best.

Good branding is a cornerstone of any business. Craft beer drinkers want to know your brewery's mission, they want to be part of your community, and they want the artisanal stature of your beer to show up in your physical artwork, including your cans, your taproom walls, and most importantly, your brewery logo.

Vitamin Sea Brewing craft beer pour in a VSB-branded glass
VSB Branded Beer Glass | photo credit to Vitamin Sea Brewing

How many times have you been drinking a pint and thought, that's a pretty sharp logo? A bunch, right?

Like check out the pour from Vitamin Sea Brewing in Weymouth, MA in the photo above. Their logo is outstanding. It radiates. It's begging to pop right off of that beer glass and demand that we drink every last drop of the tasty beer contained within. A strong brand and well-crafted logo can go along way toward improving the perception of the quality of your brew.

Anyway, we're here to answer your logo and beer branding questions. Even something simple like how do you update a brewery logo in Untappd is a solid question. So, we're going to try and help you there too, if we have a moment. Let's get a few easy ones out of the way.

Delta Fonts suggests that the Deschutes Brewery logo is Neil Summerour's typeface, "Aaux Next Black".

Milton Glaser. No joke.

Never heard of him? Guy is a design legend. If you don't believe us, read Steve Hindy's story on hiring Milton Glaser to design Brooklyn's logo. Hindy, Chariman and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Brewery pens a warming story about his old friend, Milton. We think you will enjoy it.

"Milton said he based the logo on classic European beer labels like Pilsner Urquell. The B came to him when contemplating the swirls in the head of a glass of beer."

Give you a hint, it wasn't George Washington. It wasn't General Joseph Warren either, but that's a story for another day. One preferably at the Warren Tavern. In Boston. Over beers.

Do you still not know?

Brewery Logos We Dig

We're big fans of the breweries in the list below. Yes yes, the list is small now, but it's growing.

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