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Smug Brewing Company

The family that brews together stays together. Even if they are a bit smug about it.

100 Carver Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860
(401) 642-5701

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Smug Brewing Company in Pawtucket, RI
Love the facade

Smug Brewing, a stop on the Rhode Island Brew Bus, is a family brewing affair like so many other local craft New England Breweries.


The traditional, non-pandemic / COVID hours are:

Smug Brewing is currently offering curbside pickup from Wednesday to Saturday. They cannot ship beers.

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Smug Brewing Company Beer

You can leave their tasting room with beers to go. Turn Your Head and Coffee is a hilarious beer name.

Where to buy Smug beer

You can find smug brews on tap in and around Rhode Island, at places like The Malted Barley in Westerly, the Thirsty Beaver in Cranston, The Slow Rhode in Providence, and The Wharf Pub in Newport.

Traitorade Key Lime Sour

Smug Brewing has made some headlines for being, playfully, we hope, smug about Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski making their way down to Tampa for their next football adventure.

According to Smug Brewing, the Traitorade is packed with Florida key limes. "The aroma, of this beer alone, reminds you of getting old and having to retire in Florida" ...

Yeah, that's not pointed or anything. Here's another Traitorade Key Lime Sour gem, "We developed a beer with the right amount of sour, and a little bit of saltiness."

We see what you are doing there, Smug Brewing. We see.

All of that aside, strong work on the beer can artwork.

Brewery Food/Menu

They bring in food trucks. You can bring in your own food to this taproom.

Brewery Entertainment & Events

Smug Brewing offers private and semi-private events. Semi-private is a reserved space when the brewery is open. Private is for when the brewery is not regularly open. They can accommodate up to 90 people, which is (hopefully) more than enough for your baby shower or bachelor party.

A private rental will get you a dedicated Smug staff member to serve you beer. For both, you must take care of your own food, either by bringing it yourself, or, working with a local RI food truck.

Brewery Merch & Swag

Smug Brewing sells pint glasses, t-shirts, hoodies, you know, typical brew swag. Breweries seem to love a good baseball tee to sell. Hats and stickers round out the offering.

Smug Brewing Company FAQs

Does Smug Brewing Company serve food? They don't have a kitchen. Bring your own food or check with them on their vendor/local food truck schedule.

Is Smug Brewing Company kid friendly? Possibly? Best to check with them first.

Is Smug Brewing Company dog friendly? Unsure, leaning toward no.