Tons of good beer names

Musicians, painters, and playwrights loved to title their work. Why should artisanal craft beer brewers be any different?

New England Brewery Beer Names

Buzz Lightbeer (American Cream Ale)

"To Center Street & Beyond" claims the Center Street Brewing Company in Wallingford, CT. We didn't set out to feature two cream ales, it just happened organically. CSB also have a "Light Saber", but it's just so easy to add saber to light that we can't give them much credit.


Citrus Got Real (Tart Ale)

This tart ale from Springdale Barrel Room is good. Real good. Citrus Got Real isn't so subtle that you have to stop and think about it. It's also not in your face like your dog when you get home from work.

New Kids on the Bock (Maibock)

Topical, considering that the New Kids on the Block were from Boston.

Percival Brewing Company in Norwood, MA concocts this bock for your tasting pleasure. You'll need to be Hangin' Tough if you want to tackle more than a couple of these 8.1% ABV bevvies.

Tang (C.R.E.A.M. Ale)

Cash rules! 2 for 5s!

Gorham, Maine's Sebago Brewing Company nailed when they named their cream ale. It was a hard decision, as we considered giving this slot to Worcester's Flying Dreams for their Woo-Tang IPA, so named after the group and the city itself, and to The Tap Brewing for their Enter the Bru-Tang Tangerine Session IPA. They just might have won if it weren't for the proper C.R.E.A.M. spelling.

Pour one out for ODB.

Anything from Bone Up Brewing in Everett, MA

Bone Up Brewing consistently knocks it out of the park. With beer names like Extra Naked, To have and to hold (my beer), Madeline the Destroyer, FAO (Schwarzbier), and Super Jeff.

Puppers Beer series

Bone Up even have offers puppers beer, with a series dedicated to the dogs that have been in their lives. Suppose we should pour one out for ODB and the Bone Up dogs.

Themed beer names

Southington CT's Skygazer Brewing Company holds strong to its astronomical/astrological branding, brewing up the Lunar Flare, Reverse Cosmosis, and the Synastry SIPA.