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A (growing) list of the most creative, funny, and best craft beer names

Musicians, painters, and playwrights loved to title their work. Why should artisanal craft beer brewers be any different?

Riverwalk Brewing Company's The Saga Continues
Caution: will leave you buzzed

Exactly how do breweries come up with good beer names? Brewers face many choices when choosing a name for a new brew. Factors such as the type of beer matter greatly, as Springdale's Citrus Got Real would be quite an awkward beer name for an Irish Stout.

One thing we do believe is that more breweries should make custom drink coasters and beer mats so that craft beer lovers can collect them. They'd make for great artwork with some of the hilarious designs and names that these beers have. They'd also make for great beer gifts.

The Very Very Best Beer Name

Welcome to Worcester, $1.25

Worcester's Wormtown Brewery is brewing the Welcome to Worcester, $1.25 for the WooSox. Every beer sold will enact a $1.25 donation to a charitable organization designated by the team. No beer will ever be named better than the Welcome to Worcester, $1.25. None. Ever.

The fact that an amazing joke can be parlayed into charity is proof that humanity is alive. Well, that, and beer itself. Never change, Worcester. Never change.

The Second Place Beer Name

Your Manager Is Bitch

Beale's Brewery in Virginia slays with this hilarious comeback to a customer's complaint. They even included the email word for word on the can. Your Manager Is Bitch is an American Porter that dials up notes of caramel and pecan to accompany the 7.6% abv.

Your Manager Is Bitch from Beale's Brewery in Virgina
Photo Credit to Beale's Brewery Instagram

Cool Beer Names

Chug Norris

Oklahoma City brewery Stonecloud Brewing outdid themselves when naming this year-round bevvie. They might even sell kegs of it.

Czech Your Head (Czech Pilsner)

Proper Brewing Company coming out of Salt Lake City drops 16oz of B-Boys inspired goodness in a can.

L.L. Cool Haze (DIPA)

We hope this is the smooooothest imperial IPA in the game. Love what you've done here, Litherman's.

St. Patrick Hayze

Atlanta Brewing Company pays tribute to one of the greatest actors ever. This IPA is perfect for swilling in a Roadhouse.

Tupac Shaporter

Ivanhoe Park Brewing is responsible for bringing Tupac Shaporter to the Orlando area. Bandanas are a must for consumption.

Wu-Tang Beer Names

Tang (C.R.E.A.M. Ale)

Cash rules! 2 for 5s!

Gorham, Maine's Sebago Brewing Company nailed when they named their cream ale.

Woo-Tang IPA

From Flying Dreams, so named after the group and the city of Worcester itself.

Enter the Bru-Tang Tangerine Session IPA

The Tap Brewing just might have beat out Sebago if it weren't for the proper C.R.E.A.M. spelling.

The Saga Continues

Even Newburyport's Riverwalk Brewing gets in on the Wu-Tang beer action, brewing up swarms of batches of The Saga Continues. Pour one out for ODB.

Bring Da Ruckus

Fortnight Brewing in North Carolina let's you try their brewing-style with Bring Da Ruckus, a NEIPA made with American, Germand, and New Zealand hops. By American hops ... were they grown in Staten Island?

Creative Beer Names

Buzz Lightbeer (American Cream Ale)

"To Center Street & Beyond" claims the Center Street Brewing Company in Wallingford, CT. We didn't set out to feature two cream ales, it just happened organically. CSB also have a "Light Saber", but it's just so easy to add saber to light that we can't give them much credit.


MmmHops (Pale Ale)

That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

Outstanding work by the Hanson Brothers of Hanson Brothers Beer Company. Out. Standing.

Bravo for leveraging their late 90s hit song MmmBop into a beer. Maybe it's hard to call it creative, you know, since it was their song. Then again, it's a great beer name.

New Kids on the Bock (Maibock)

Topical, considering that the New Kids on the Block were from Boston.

Percival Brewing Company in Norwood, MA concocts this bock for your tasting pleasure. You'll need to be Hangin' Tough if you want to tackle more than a couple of these 8.1% abv bevvies.

(Would have been cooler if the New Kids owned Percival like Hanson above)


Martin House Brewing brews the Bockslider, an easy-drinking homage to Fort Worth's own, Toadies, a 90s band that had the hit single Backslider. They also crushed eardrums with Possum Kingdom.

Martin House brews the best maid pickle beer, in case you're wondering. A good beer to enjoy out of a beer stein.

Funny Beer Names

Citrus Got Real (Tart Ale)

This tart ale from Springdale Barrel Room is good. Real good. Citrus Got Real isn't so subtle that you have to stop and think about it. It's also not in your face like your dog when you get home from work.

Fraggle Bock (Doppelbock)

Drink your cares away! Working's for another day. The Portsmouth Brewery really hit a homer here.


Pickleodeon belongs to Foolproof Brewing in RI.

Turn Your Head and Coffee

Thank you, Smug Brewing for this fantasticly named rich & dark stout.

Frickin Hazer Beams (Pale Ale)

Roughtail Brewing Company brews this year round tip of the cap to Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame. The sabro hops give it strong notes of coconut and pineapple. The 5.5% abv give it a nice mid-range in alcohol content.

Crass beer names

Barnyard Pimps. Rek Lis Brewing out of NH gave us this one.

Other Beer Names

Anything from Bone Up Brewing in Everett, MA

Bone Up Brewing consistently knocks it out of the park. With beer names like Extra Naked, To have and to hold (my beer), Madeline the Destroyer, FAO (Schwarzbier), and Super Jeff.

Puppers Beer Stein

Puppers Beer Stein

You owe it to yourself to drink your favorite brew from such a righteous chalice.

Buy It

Puppers Beer series

Bone Up even have offers puppers beer, with a series dedicated to the dogs that have been in their lives. Suppose we should pour one out for ODB and the Bone Up dogs.

Themed beer names

Skygazer Brewing Company, out of Southington, Connecticut, holds strong to its astronomical/astrological branding, brewing up the Lunar Flare, Reverse Cosmosis, and the Synastry SIPA.