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Cool Beer Names

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Different Types of Beer Names

B.T.O. (BOCKman Turner Overdrive)

Pulpit Rock Brewing of Iowa gives us this riffed-up, hop & malt harmonized brew. Strong and smooth like a good guitar solo.

Chug Norris

Oklahoma City brewery Stonecloud Brewing outdid themselves when naming this year-round bevvie. They might even sell kegs of it.

Czech Your Head (Czech Pilsner)

Proper Brewing Company coming out of Salt Lake City drops 16oz of B-Boys inspired goodness in a can.

L.L. Cool Haze (DIPA)

We hope this is the smooooothest imperial IPA in the game. Love what you've done here, Litherman's.

St. Patrick Hayze

Atlanta Brewing Company pays tribute to one of the greatest actors ever. This IPA is perfect for swilling in a Roadhouse.

Tupac Shaporter

Ivanhoe Park Brewing is responsible for bringing Tupac Shaporter to the Orlando area. Bandanas are a must for consumption.