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Creative Beer Names

Different Types of Beer Names

Buzz Lightbeer (American Cream Ale)

"To Center Street & Beyond" claims the Center Street Brewing Company in Wallingford, CT. We didn't set out to feature two cream ales, it just happened organically. CSB also have a "Light Saber", but it's just so easy to add saber to light that we can't give them much credit.


MmmHops (Pale Ale)

That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

Outstanding work by the Hanson Brothers of Hanson Brothers Beer Company. Out. Standing.

Bravo for leveraging their late 90s hit song MmmBop into a beer. Maybe it's hard to call it creative, you know, since it was their song. Then again, it's a great beer name.

New Kids on the Bock (Maibock)

Topical, considering that the New Kids on the Block were from Boston.

Percival Brewing Company in Norwood, MA concocts this bock for your tasting pleasure. You'll need to be Hangin' Tough if you want to tackle more than a couple of these 8.1% abv bevvies.

(Would have been cooler if the New Kids owned Percival like Hanson above)


Martin House Brewing brews the Bockslider, an easy-drinking homage to Fort Worth's own, Toadies, a 90s band that had the hit single Backslider. They also crushed eardrums with Possum Kingdom.

Martin House brews the best maid pickle beer, in case you're wondering. A good beer to enjoy out of a beer stein.