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Percival Brewing Company

Percival Brewing is a local microbrewery that focuses on small batch craft beer with an awesome brew space.

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Percival Brewing Company in Norwood, MA
They even have round tables!

Chug Life!

Percival Brewing Company is another one of those ideal taprooms, with games, open space, and ambiance for days. Located shortly off of Route 1 in Norwood, Percival Brewing Company is a casual Massachusetts taproom that is super inviting. The taproom is located in the Norwood Space Center, which isn't too far from the highway (I-95) either. Gotta admit, Norwood/Canton has a nice little craft beer scene going on.

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Percival Brewing Company Beer

Percival offers some of most delicious beers that I can remember having. Similar to Purgatory Brewing, I'm not sure why people would wait in long lines for Tree House when there are other tasty beers available at an instant.

Percival Brewing traverses the craft beer landscape, offering pilsners, pale ales, weiss beers, DIPAs, stouts, and bitters. The fact that they have a beer called New Kids on the Bock is spectacular, ranks up there as far as beer names go.

The current beer listing includes:

  • Southie
  • Sunset Over Munich
  • Sadie
  • She Shed
  • Kompadre
  • The Burbs

Brewery Food/Menu

If I recall, you can grab some pretzels, or chips or such.

Brewery Entertainment & Events

I'm told they have bands from time to time.