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Trillium Brewing Company (Canton)

Trillum's Canton operation relaxes the pace from its Boston locations, bringing in food trucks and generally keeping it a bit more casual. Plus, it's right next to I-93. Off the exit, it's thirty seconds North on Rt-138 and hang a left onto Royal.

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Trillium Brewing Company in Canton, MA

Rated by RateBeer as the fourth best brewery in the world, it should come as no surprise that Trillium Beers are highly sought after, not only by folks in Massachusetts, but also throughout New England and the rest of the United States. Two of their locations can be found in the city of Boston with the remaining one, this one, 20 miles southwest of the city in the small town of Canton.

Trillium (Canton) is embarking on a fun, fun update to their craft beer facilities by expanding into a 500+ seat venue. That's some upper level stuff right there. These 500+ seats will span across the taproom, a patio, a beer garden and a restaurant. There will still be merch for sale, so don't worry.

They are known for fantastic beers like their Dialed In: Moscato, an 8.5% abv Double IPA that balances notes of grape against a citrus profile, courtesy of dry hopping Galaxy hops and Nelson Sauvin and their Fort Point Pale Ale that is light and crisp and fueld by Columbus and Citra hops. Or, their Street Series, which includes Melcher Street and Congress Street IPA. And lets not forget their Double Dry Hopped Congress Street, an amped up version of their flagship brew.

Also, who doesn't love a good Imperial Stout that is appropriately named, TrillBOMB! At 11% abv, it's quite the explosion of booziness.

In short, TBC produces some of the best beers in the Boston area. And, you could afford them if you had enough money leftover after your inflated rent payments for the honor of living in America's third most expensive city.

Brewery Hours

  • Mon-Wed: 12-7 PM
  • Thurs-Sun: 12-9 PM

Other Trillium Locations

If you're looking to drink some Trillium beers on a rooftop, you're going to want to visit the Fort Point location.

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Trillium Brewing Company (Canton) Beers

The good news is that Trillium ships beers to other states beyond Massachusetts, including New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Kentucky & the District of Columbia. Ok ok, D.C. isn't a state. You get the point.

Beyond draft beer, the brewery offers the Soak Series for seltzer lovers. Plus, cans and growlers to go. Beyond India Pale Ales, Trillium is always brewing new beer styles, so check them out often.

And, like any awesome band, looking at you, Iron Maiden, they named their flagship farmhouse ale after themselves: Trillium. Trillium is a wild ale that utilizes Valley Danko Rye, Pilsner Malt, and Flaked Wheat alongside Columbus Hops, that really brings out grass and lemon aromas.

  • Apricot Stonington
  • Central Artery
  • Daily Serving: Tropical Punch
  • Dialed Out
  • Fort Point Pale Ale
  • Mass Ave
  • Mettle Alloy
  • Mini Mallard
  • New England Harvest Lager
  • Party Pump
  • Pilsner
  • Running Naked
  • Speed Mettle
  • Trailside

Cutting Tiles Series

One of Trillium's serial beer lines is Cutting Tiles, an exploratory flavor journey that is comprised of Double IPAs. This line includes their popular Mosaic Cutting Tiles and Citra Cutting Tiles beers.

We are super fans of the Daily Serving: Tropical Punch. If you have to ask why, you don't deserve to know.

Trillium Brewing Company (Canton) Food

The Canton operation has a restaurant that includes a kid menu. This is good news for all of you South Shore and Metrowest parents who want to get out of the house. Wood-fired pizzas, BBQ (ribs, pulled pork, brisket), and shared plates round out the menu.

Trillium Brewing Company (Canton) Tour(s)

We'd have to imagine that you can tour the new Trillium facility. Check in with them first though.

Trillium Brewing Company (Canton) History

Owners JC and Esther Tetreault are printing $$ with their brewing operation. The place is a goldmine. Founded in 2013, the two built themselves up from their Fort Point locale, pouring pint after pint until expansion was possible. That expansion included this Canton location which just opened as an upgrade to their last one on Shawmut Road.

Trillium focuses on using local ingredients so much that they have their own farm in Connecticut. We'd imagine that they will probably open a brewery in the state at some point.