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17 Beer Names Inspired by Star Wars

May the Forced Carbonation be with you!

A Star Wars beer poster with Darth Vader speaking.
And so do we!

Different Types of Beer Names

We've seen a lot of good Star Wars references in the craft beer game over the years. Here are some of our favorites.

Before we go on though, we'd like to mention that Westbrook Brewing's Dark Helmet, a German-style black lager, is actually a nod to Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, not Darth Vader. Nevertheless, we applaud the South Carolina brewery immensely for their efforts.

Next time though, if you're going to reference Spaceballs, may we suggest Liquid Schwarzbier?

To that end, Steuben Brewing Company out of New York has brewed a schwarzbier named Local Liquid Schwarzbier. The lineup of beers seems to revolve around the idea that the ingredients are 100% from New York state, and thus, not really in reference to the Mel Brooks classic parody.

B2D2 (Ale Asylum)

We once had a buddy who named their kegerator R2-Beer2. Setting that aside, B2D2 is the closest we've come to enjoying a sudsy tribute to the greatest droid in history.

Dark Side (Something Brewing)

Dark Side. Something Brewing, a brewery in Alberta, Canada, isn't trying to be clever with their 5% lager. A bit of caramel, a touch of smoke, some earthiness ... Dark Side is more Admiral Piett than Grand Moff Tarkin in the punch that it packs.

Episode 13: B. Nektar Strikes Back (B. Nektar Meadery)

Well well, what do we have here? A Star Wars mead from a meadery in Michigan?

Hop Solo (Sierra Nevada)

As a galacticly-inspired name, Hop Solo is low-hanging hops (err, fruit). Sierra Nevada didn't have to navigate through a treacherous asteroid field to name this singular-hopped IPA (Crystal).

Imperial Bantha Milk (Bottle Logic Brewing)

Imperial Oatmeal Wookiee (King Harbor Brewing)

Imperial Stout Trooper (New England Brewing Company)

Java The Hut (Fernie Brewing Company)

Java the Hutt (903 Brewers)

Included in the Persuasion by the Pint Podcast here -

Java The Stout (Jackie O's)

Lando Lager (Royale Brewing Company)

May the Fourth Be With You (California Wild Ales)

Millennium Falcon (Holgate Brewhouse)

OB-1 (Snake River Brewing)

Stormtrooper Beer

Direct from the makers themselves, they say this about Stormtrooper Beer,

"Expertly brewed at award-winning Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge and inspired by the iconic armour designed by Shepperton Design Studio’s Andrew Ainsworth for the inaugural Star Wars film back in 1976, Original Stormtrooper will whet the appetite of any craft beer lover looking for a delicious and drinkable brew.

From imperial ales to imperious lagers, these officially licensed – and soon to be legiondary - beers boast impeccable craft credentials, coupled with eye-popping design. Resistance is futile ...


Well, the whole resistance is futile line is a bit co-opted from another sci-fi flick, but we're none too worried about that. If you ever wanted to jump on the British Origin Ale train, than hop on at Platform 9 3/4 at Emperor's Cross Station, where the buzz is less from the charged up lightsaber and more from the Lightspeed Pilsners.

Strikes Bock (Empire Brewing Company)

Now this is how you name a beer. Seriously, it's perfect. Empire Strikes Bock. It really doesn't get better, as it's topical on both ends of the name: the beer and the brewery.

Vader (Second Wind Brewing Company)