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Funny Beer Names

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Different Types of Beer Names

Citrus Got Real (Tart Ale)

This tart ale from Springdale Barrel Room is good. Real good. Citrus Got Real isn't so subtle that you have to stop and think about it. It's also not in your face like your dog when you get home from work.

Fraggle Bock (Doppelbock)

Drink your cares away! Working's for another day. The Portsmouth Brewery really hit a homer here.


Pickleodeon belongs to Foolproof Brewing in RI.

Turn Your Head and Coffee

Thank you, Smug Brewing for this fantasticly named rich & dark stout.

Frickin Hazer Beams (Pale Ale)

Roughtail Brewing Company brews this year round tip of the cap to Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame. The sabro hops give it strong notes of coconut and pineapple. The 5.5% abv give it a nice mid-range in alcohol content.