Brewery in Framingham, MA

Springdale Barrel Room

102 Clinton Street, Framingham, MA 01702
(774) 777-5430
Springdale Barrel Room in Framingham, MA
Arguably the best brewery on Clinton Street.

Hands down my favorite brewery in Massachusetts. Springdale offers absolutely delicious beers, pizza from Jack's Abby next door, ambiance for days, games to play, merch to buy, and most importantly, beer to take home. Who do I have to tip to ride the forklift?

Springdale Barrel Room FAQs

Does Springdale Barrel Room serve food? Yes. They offer a limited menu from Jack's Abby next door. You may also bring in your own food or have it delivered.

Is Springdale Barrel Room kid friendly? Kids are allowed. However, at 8pm, Springdale becomes a 21+ establishment.

Is Springdale Barrel Room dog friendly? No.

Where is the Springdale Barrel Room located?

The brewery is located on Clinton Street in Downtown Framingham, MA. In fact, both the Springdale Barrel Room and the Jack's Abby Brewery are next door neighbors.

Framingham is building a nice collection of craft beer brewers with Jack's, Springdale, and Exhibit A Brewing all within a mile, and then John Harvard's Brewery & Ale House up by the Natick Mall in Shopper's World.

The bar and the barrels at Springdale
So many barrels!

They attend the annual Cape Cod Brew Fest at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds.

When did it open?

The Hendler Brothers opened Jack's Abby in 2011, following it up with Springdale in 2016. The barrel room itself is/was an underutilized warehouse in downtown Framingham, near the Framingham train station.

The impetus for opening the brewery was to allow for greater experimentation as well as barrel-aging beer.

Clinton Street in Framingham with Jack's Abby and Springdale Barrel Room
Do you walk down the street to Jack's?

Do they offer a tour?

Yes, Springdale offers tours. They run them every so often. Check the website.

Is the brewpub kid and family friendly?

Until 8pm.

Also, don't bring your dog. Only service dogs are allowed.

Hoppy Beers, Cellar Taps, and Barrel-aged beer
Go with the Cobi Colada

What types of beer does Springdale brew?

Ales. Witbiers, Hefeweizens, Sours, IPAs, DIPAs.

Big fan of the Pearly Wit, an ideal summer afternoon porch relaxation beverage.

The Clerical Error was also pretty tasty.

A flight of beer at the Springdale Barrel Room
Pearl Wit | Das Weizen | Where Am I? | Coba Colada

Flights? Growlers? 4/6 packs to buy and take home?

32oz and 64oz growler fills are listed on the side wall behind the register at the bar. There are a couple of coolers in the gaming corner with 4 packs of mainstays like So Anyway, But I Digress, and Where Am I? and 22oz bombers of specialty and reserve craft beers from their cellar taps.

I've seen 22oz's of Springdale's Kriek Mythology in stores.

Does they serve other types of alcohol?

No. By law, they can only serve alchol that they produce.

Do they have a mug club?

Surprisingly no. Maybe that's just a bar thing? I'm pretty sure the Gardner Ale House in G-Vegas has one.

How about merch?

Plenty of merch being sold. Plenty.

  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Probably more beer soap like Jack's.
Springdale brewing merch for sale
Can you buy a barrel too?

Does Springdale serve food?

You can bring food to the Springdale Barrel Room, but it might be easier to just grab a pizza (carnitas!) from Jack's next door.

If you're feeling lavish, you might even want to call up Wings Over Framingham and grab a DC-10 of boneless Honey BBQ wings.

Thank me later.

A tabletop event menu for patrons
Paints & Pints sounds like a good time

Do they offer entertainment?

Springdale's entertainment options are plentiful. They possess an assortment of board and card games like Exhibit A down the street.

On the entryway side, they have a pair of skee ball machines, a pair of arcade hoop shoot machines, an old school Simpsons video game and a Ninja Turtles four-way fighter. On the other side, the barrel room sports a few cornhole setups.

Board and card games to play while you enjoy a pint
Bananagrams is a great drinking man's (or woman's) game!

The fun doesn't stop there. They do a paint & pint night down in the gallery space, barrel room yoga, and Thursday Night Trivia with Geeks Who Drink. Good thing about barrel room yoga is that the bar will be open by the time you finish the hour long session.

And wildest of all, you can join a Skee Ball league at Springdale.

Trivia at the Springdale Barrel Room
A whole wall dedicated to events like bar trivia

Can I buy Springdale beers in stores?

For sure. Jack's Abby may be more popular, but I'm seeing Springdale beers in more and more craft beer stores whenever I travel to Massachusetts.

The most common seem to be the Pearly Wit and Brigadiero.

Final Thoughts on Springdale (by Jack's Abby)

I like the option of having an arcade hoop shoot, some skee ball, and some indoor baggo if I feel like playing games. I like the decor, I like the multiple areas to congregate, and I really dig the view of the barrels. And quite simply, I prefer ales to lagers.

So, if I'm choosing to take a drive to Framingham for a cold pint, I'm going to stop at Springdale.

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