Microbrewery in Framingham, MA

Exhibit A Brewing

81 Morton Street, Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 202-9297
Exhibit A Brewing Company in Framingham, MA
A classy, unassuming taproom awaits you

Exhibit A Brewing, located at the site of the old Jack's Abby, is serving up fantastic experimental brews in Metrowest (MA).

Where else can you drink a Leitmotif? Nowhere, that's where. Exhibit A Brewing has garnered attention for dedication to their craft and for a healthy dose of experimentation. You could do far worse than stopping by their Framingham (MA) taproom.

Where is Exhibit A Brewing located?

Exhibit A Brewing Company has taken over the old Jack's Abby space in Framingham, Mass, just off Route 135. And in doing so, it became part of a small craft beer scene in Framingham with the aforementioned Jack's, Springdale Barrel Room, and John Harvard's, a restaurant/brewpub up by the Natick Mall.

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When did it open?

Late 2016. Matthew Steinberg worked at several New England breweries before getting the opportunity to hang his beer shingle on Morton Street.

It seems as though Exhibit A is trying to elevate their production into and through 2019.

Do they offer a tour?

Yes. They are also hosting a Keg talk series which sounds pretty cool. Definitely considering attending one at some point. Probably worth your time if you have the ability to commute to their Framingham taproom. No, they don't just talk about kegs.

Check out Keg Talks at Exhibit A Brewing (with the help of Craft'd).

The talks will dive into brewing, craft beer culture, techniques for home brewing, food pairings, aromatics, and of course, tastings.

Is the brewpub kid friendly?

Baby changing stations in the bathrooms, FTW!

A menu of the types of beer that Exhibit A Brewing creates
Sample away!

What types of beer does Exhibit A brew?

Leitmotif opus: 10 - kettle sour with strawberries (nice aftertaste), The Cat's Meow - IPA (light and mellow), Demo Tape 20 : American wheat ddh (double dry hopped).

They love their hops, like most brewers these days. So, Exhibit A definitely offers it's fair share of IPAs and Pale Ales. They also mix in a Kolsch, some sours, porters, wheat beers, etc.

Just a kitten was a pretty decent NEIPA.

Briefcase Porter (American Porter)

I enjoyed the Briefcase Porter. If you like coffee, this beer is for you. With a hint of berry, and a mid 5% ABV, the available-year round porter is not only a fine beer for Thanksgiving, but for dreary April showers.

Hair Raiser (DIPA)

High on my list of Double India Pale Ales to sip on is Exhibit A's Hair Raiser, especially in the summer. An ideal beer for grilling meat, like beer brats. Not an ideal beer for chugging, with a hefty, but not over the top, 8% ABV. Exhibit A claims "big citrus", and it is, but it is not like some big citrus IPAs where you feel like you're drinking a grapefruit.

The Cat's Meow (IPA)

The Cat's Meow, like the Hair Raiser double, brings a unique citrus profile, and, opts to finish on the grapefruit side, rather than carry through to tangerine or pineapple. I like The Cat's Meow, but it's not a favorite, as IPAs go.

A fantastic flight of beers from Exhibit A in Framingham
Variety is the spice of life

They run the Demo Tape series to showcase Exhibit A's commitment to experimentation and creativity. Sometimes these featured beers get escalated to repertory player status, like the Demo Tape 12.

One beer that was exceptionally tasty was Cake. It was brewed with 150lbs of My Grandma's Coffee Cake and you can tell, as the pastry flavor really comes through. Also, it was their first nitro tapped beer.

Flights? Growlers? 4/6 packs to buy and take home?

Step right up to the bar and get your growlers filled. You can definitely leave Exhibit A with (closed) beer in your hand.

Don't be that guy and walk out with your pint glass.

The inside of the Exhibit A taproom
A modern and classy taproom

Does they serve other types of alcohol?

I don't believe so.

Do they have a mug club?

Didn't notice one.

How about merch?

Socks. Koozies. Tank tops. T-shirts.

Does Exhibit A Brewing serve food?


Otherwise, you can bring in food from local establishments.

The back room in the Exhibit A taproom
Still modern and classy

Do they offer entertainment?

Barre. Bluegrass jam.

Games in the back room. They have Cards Against Humanity, Battleship, Connect Four, Settlers of Catan, and more.

Basically, Exhibit A has enough games to keep your kids busy while you enjoy some of their tasty (and experimental) craft beers.

Cards Against Humanity, Battleship, and Connect Four, play them at the Exhibit A tap room.
You sunk my Battleship!

What about private events?

Birthday parties, baby and wedding showers, company outings, etc.

Can I buy Exhibit A beers in stores?

Of course. They can be found all around Metrowest.

Is there parking available?

It's set in an industrial part of town, so street parking should be available.

Final Thoughts on Exhibit A Brewing

Owner, Steinberg runs a smooth operation, with classy, modern touches on not only how a brewery's taproom should look, but how a brewery should operate from an experimentation perspective.

They were just about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary when I stopped by with live music, games, beer, and a cookout.

Sausages, Queso Dip, and Exhibit A Brewing Hair Raisers
The holy trifecta of tailgating - Sausages, Queso Dip, and Hair Raiser

I couldn't go, so I took home a few Hair Raiser DIPAs and had a cookout of my own!

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