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The Koozie® vs Coozie vs Cozy Argument

Whatever it is, we know this little handheld can cooler keeps our beer cold. In short, these rubber beer steins and foam drink sleeves are the superheros of picnics, bbqs, backyard parties, and tailgates.

A set of Letterkenny beer koozies that are great for keeping your 12oz beer can cold
Pitter Patter!

Ahh, the Beer Koozie. Or is it Coozie? Maybe Cozy? Either way, we're thirsty.

They are ideal swag, often paired with t-shirts, bottle openers, pint glasses, and other beer paraphernalia in giveaways, especially at bars. Some are high quality, some are cheaply made, and some, like the ones you find in your parents' cupboard, were made from rigid, warped foam from 1985 - which just may be the best koozies of them all.

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They come in all different shapes, sizes, and prints. Some feature bottle openers, some have zippers, and some even come with two extra pockets for your smokes and a lighter. Now that is the coozie you need when tossing bags. All of that said, the custom Koozie is a time-honored beer gift that everyone can enjoy. Whether it's a camo print coozie for your hunting buddies or an, "I DO BBQ" bootle kooler for your engagement party, there is a personalized koozie that will fit your needs.

Plus, for a couple of bucks, you can take home a custom koozie from your favorite brewery, as almost every brewery has their own.

Official Koozie Stainless Steel Can Cooler

Koozie Stainless Steel Can Cooler

Koozie knows what they're doing, having produced insulated beverage holders since the late '70s.

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What is a Koozie?

A neoprene beverage insulator. A proprietary eponym, the Koozie was invented in 1979 by a Texas construction site worker. Like Kleenex and Q-Tips, the Koozie brand name has become synonymous with all types of beer can insulators & drink coolers. According to the company, the inventor of the Koozie came up with the product when he , "... noticed the tubing insulation material he was installing perfectly fit around his beverage can. Not only did this discovery seem to keep his drink chilled in the hot Texas sun, but it also kept condensation to a minimum and his hands dry."

What is a Coozie?

Coozie is another word for Koozie, especially when a generic company wants to make similar drinkware. You will see people use the "C" for Coozie when they are marketing their own handheld can coolers because Koozie is a registered trademark. This registered trademark has been hotly debated over the years, resulting in Koozie losing and regaining its "trademark" status on more than one occasion, as well as the trademark owners working out licensing agreements with competitors. Even the term "coozie" has been legally argued as similar.

What is a Cozy?

According to Merriam & Webster, a cozy is, "a padded covering especially for a teapot to keep the contents hot." That might be why you hear people refer to neoprene drink holders as a cozy. But let's be honest, you aren't using this kind of cozy for tea, are you?

Also, if you're paying attention to the definition, the purpose of the cozy was to retain heat, not keep your beer cold. So cozy is probably not the word we want in this situation. Unless of course cozy is used for the seat of your lawnmower and you're drinking a cold beer.

A metal koozie can cooler by Grizzly
Coozies can be made of metal.

Other names for these drink insulators include:

  • can koolers
  • coolies
  • huggies
  • stubby holders

What is a Koozie/coozie/cozy made out of?

They are typically made out of neoprene. Similar to wetsuits, can and bottle insulators made out of the material help to keep their drink cold for longer periods of time. Can koolers such as the Coleman Lounger and Yeti Colster, as well as the BottleKeeper, a beer bottle cooler, feature double-walled insulation and are made from stainless steel.

Leather, polyester, and vinyl are also options. Plus, in a pinch, coozies can serve as great beer coasters. And, since you don't need to worry about them getting wet, they are ideal for your next shower beer.

Thermos Stainless Steel 12oz Can Insulator

Thermos Can Insulator

Made from stainless steel, this Thermos beverage coozie will keep your drink chilled until you crack open another.

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Do these can coolers come in different colors?

Yes. The original Koozie was only available in black. Since then, an assortment of full color neoprene koozies have hit the market.

What is the typical size of these neoprene drink holders?

The size of a Koozie varies to match the beverage it is intended to keep cold. Slim can coolers, or skinny can coolers, are best for Coors, White Claw and other hard seltzers. Regular coozies work best for the standard 12oz beer (bottle or can) or 16oz tallboy. Bottle koolers need to match the width of the bottle, for example, a 40oz coozie needs to be much wider. They even make sleeves for water bottles.

Sizes available by ounce include:

Companies such as Grizzly, Yeti, and RTIC make a variety of can coolie sizes. Here are some common ones.

  • 8oz Koozie
  • 12oz Koozie
  • 16oz Koozie
  • 22oz Koozie
  • 32oz Koozie
  • 40oz Koozie

Other Koozie Questions Answered

Who invented Koozie?

A series of folks in the early 1980s including Stanley Moore, Bonnie McGough, and Scott Henderson all filed patents for similar products. The federally registered trademark belongs to the Koozie Group, after years of transfer from its original inventor into the hands of Radio Cap Corporation (RCC).

McGough's product is the closest to what we know as the Koozie, while Henderson filed for a patent with his collapsible koozie design.

What is the Koozie Group?

The Koozie Group is a supplier of promotional products whose flagship brand is the Koozie┬« brand. They were formerly BIC Graphic - of BIC pen fame. According to the Koozie Group, ÔÇťKOOZIE┬« and the KOOZIE logos are trademarks owned by Scribe OpCo, Inc. dba Koozie Group and are used with permission under license.ÔÇŁ

How do you spell Koozie?

Seems silly to answer since it is right there in the question, but spelled out, it is K-O-O-Z-I-E.