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16oz Can Koozie, Tallboy Can Cooler Extraordinaire

Leave your floppy neoprene koozie at home, it's time to upgrade to a stainless steel beer can insulator.

An insulated can cooler from Grizzly
We're sold if the beer stays cold.

It's one thing to not need insulation if, like pocket bacon, you've snuck some pocket beers onto the slopes during your last trip out west to Park City. But it's quite the opposite if you've unfolded the beach blanket and the sun is beating down on you surfside at Cape Cod. That's why you need a beer can insulator, the likes of which companies such as Yeti, Grizzly, and other tough, animal-logo'd brands like RTIC make.

By the by, that grizzly bear in the R in the RTIC logo is awesome use of negative space. A lot of brewers could learn a lesson or two about how to make a great beer logo for their business by checking out how brewing-adjacent companies build their brand as well. We digress.

Like any product, the best koozies are the ones you actually use.

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Benefits of a Stainless Steel 16oz Can Koozie

Neoprene beer coozies are better suited for drinking your way down a lazy river paddle on the Saco river. The good folks in North Conway can attest to this. Or, a college football tailgate where their collapsible construction, well, except for those rigid foam Koozies in the 1980s, will come in handy for entering the stadium.

Here's what to look for when you buy a stainless steel koozie. Or is it coozie? Coolie?

No Sweat

The reason people use drink coasters at restaurants, bars, and even at home is to protect wood, or any other construction material, from water damage. If you're going to be putting your drink down on surfaces that are easily damaged, find a koozie that does not sweat.

If you're primary usage is for drinking Glampfire Victuals, you're probably safe either way.

A Good Grip

Beyond spilling your liquid gold, a bad grip can haunt you in a few different ways. The first and foremost is that repeated drops can weaken the structural integrity of the can insulator's gasket. Some companies, including RTIC, make spare gaskets for their drinkware.

The second problem is that you could end up losing your beer koozie. If you're into drinking cold drinks while sitting in the bow of a motorboat*, this could be you - we've seen many beer drinkers fumble their beverage right out of their boat on Lake Winnipesaukee, the largest lake in New Hampshire.

A good grip is essential.

*Sidenote: We do not condone the drinking of any beverage when a motorboat is traveling beyond wake speed by any of its passengers. Also, speaking of neoprene, keep a 1:1 ratio of Personal Flotation Devices (Life Jackets) to passengers on board, especially when partying on a lake.

Splash Proof Lid

Like a beer stein (the original koozie), a good, splash proof lid will go a long way toward the enjoyment of your next beverage.

BPA Free

BPA stands for things you want no part of. The tldr here is that BPA is bad and you don't want to own products that have been constructed with the industrial chemical Bisphenol A. If you need to know why, the Mayo Clinic can tell you.


Dishwasher Safe

No one likes to clean. We're assuming that you're in our camp. No more explanation necessary.

Air Tight Seal

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation. That's the money ticket.


Neoprene koozies feel like they should be for glass bottles. You want stainless steel to serve as the armor for your beer. It should be rugged. It should be able to take a drop or two. Cause let's face it, if your cooler is stocked with beers from Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company, you're liable to drop your can coolie a time or two.

Commercial Examples of 16oz Can Coolers

Grizzly Grip Pounder

We dig the Grizzly 16oz cooler very much. How much? We own the one in this photo. That's how much.

Why? It does the job we ask it to do. No more, but no less. It keeps our brews cold for awhile. It feels comfortable in the hand. And, it's reasonably priced. Good enough, really.

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Yeti Rambler 16oz Colster

Yeti has the name and the reputation. If reliability is first on your list of wants and needs, then grab a steel can koozie from the albino Wookiee.

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RTIC 16oz Can Cooler

It's Amazon's Choice. So you know it will be ready to keep your beer cold in 2 or less days if you have Prime. It might even be in an Amazon locker in your city.

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