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Glampfire Victuals

Things to pack with the towable mini Airstream - a cozy sleeping bag, your 90s Specialized Rock Hopper, and a six pack of Glampfire Victuals.

Glampfire Victuals, a Golden Pale Ale brewed by Hubbard's Cave

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Glampfire Victuals
Brewery Hubbard's Cave
Type of Beer Pale Ale
ABV 6%

This is THE beer for drinking while glamping. It's great for living how humans lived for thousands of years, only with an actual waterproof tent, portable storage, refrigeration, and, enough juice to charge the smartphone that will help you find the local Dunks in the morning for coffee.

Safe to say we prefer our coffee in stout form.

Hubbard's Cave is the sub-brand of Une Annee Brewery in Niles, IL that was developed in 2015. They produce beers, much like this golden pale ale, that are a step away from their traditional Belgian offerings. Though it pours a bit like a blonde ale, it's not.

Yeti Rambler 16oz Colster

This will help keep your Glampfire Victuals cold, especially when set against the backdrop of that campfire you started with some spare gasoline.

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Hubbard's Cave Beer Description (on can)

There was no official beer description from Hubbard's Cave.

Hops & Malts used in the Glampfire Victuals brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Glampfire Victuals

Bring this beer anywhere you'd unroll the sleeping bag and start up a campfire. You're going to want a 16 oz can koozie along for the trip as well. Overall, it was crisp and tasty, and we enjoyed it alongside a fire-grilled chicken sandwich with some bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

On a bun, of course. We have manners.