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The Kells Beer Company

After years of "Brew your own beer" as Barleycorn's, they rebranded as The Kells Beer Company. They still offer patrons craft beer brewing lessons. That's sweet.

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The Kells Beer Company in Natick, MA
Used to be Barleycorn's

Funny to think that you could brew beer in Downtown Natick, since Natick was a dry town for a long, long time. Good thing times changed. The Kells Beer Company, rebranded from Barleycorn's Craft Brew a few years ago by new owners, has brought some vitality to beverage consumption in town. Kells, along with the Lookout Farm Taproom and Cider Company, has given Natick beer loves something to cheer about. Same goes for new Natick Mall entertainment venue Level 99 w/ Night Shift Brewing.

Framingham on the other hand, not a dry town. Especially with Jack's Abby, Exhibit A, and Springdale.

A pint of beer at The Kells Beer Company in Natick
A plastic cup, like I'm at Fenway, only half the price!

The Kells Beer Company Beer

Have a pint on-site, or grab some cans to go. The Kells Beer Company brews DIPAs, Honey Lagers, Blonde Ales, Wheats, and Pale ales, amongst others. Craft beers include:

  • 100 Acre Honey Lager
  • Endless Summer
  • Ploughman's Scottish Ale
  • Stay Gold
  • The Legend
The Eliot Taproom
The Eliot Taproom

Brewery Food/Menu

You gotta bring food in. I recommend Eli's Breakfast, Burgers and Brews. If not Eli's, then any one of Natick's thousand pizza shops. No lie, check Google.

Brew your own beer at The Kells Brewing Company
Brew your own beer. Someday. Someday.