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Dog Friendly Breweries (2023 Guide)

Bring Fido, Rex, and the rest of the gang for a few pints at these dog friendly microbreweries, taprooms, and brewpubs. Just make sure to check with them first on whether it's full access to the brewery or just the outdoor space, decks, and patios.

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Braintree, MA's Widowmaker Brewing has dog treats on their patio
Widowmaker Brewing (Braintree, MA) is wicked smaht, kid! They have dog treats.

You can purchase puppers beer, but where can you bring your puppers to get a beer? We are growing our list of breweries in every state that offer you the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a cold lager or two with your dog. If you know of any we are missing, please contact us.

Why are we building this guide? That simple, beer and dogs are like peanut butter and jelly, October and the World Series, Finkle and Einhorn. Ok, maybe not so much the latter. Brewers love dogs, and, they love naming beers after dogs, as well as their own breweries. It should then come as no surprise that many of those breweries allow you to bring your own dog.

To be fair, state laws & regulations vary, so please check with every brewery first before finding out that Fido isn't welcome.

Dog Friendly Colorado Breweries (Several in Denver)

Outdoor Spaces / Patio only

Dog Friendly Georgia Breweries (including Atlanta)

Outdoor Spaces / Patio only

Dog Friendly Massachusetts Breweries

Outdoor Spaces / Patio only

Dog Friendly Mississippi Breweries

Dog Friendly New Hampshire Breweries

Outdoor Spaces / Patio only

Dog Friendly Pennsylvania Breweries

Most of them can be found in Pittsburgh.

Outdoor Spaces / Patio only

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