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Taproom in Florence, MA

Brew Practitioners Brewery & Taproom

36 Main Street, Florence, MA 01062
(413) 584-2444

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We'd like to be drinking practitioners at this Florence/NoHo taproom. Yes, please, thanks.

Brew Practitioners Brewery & Taproom FAQs

Does Brew Practitioners Brewery & Taproom serve food? You can bring your own food to the taproom.

Is Brew Practitioners Brewery & Taproom kid friendly? Unsure, check with the brewery.

Is Brew Practitioners Brewery & Taproom dog friendly? We believe so, but you should check with them first.

Open mic nights, eleven beers on tap, and their own brew tour bus?! Sign us up!

Brew Practitioners is a mile and a half from gorgeous Look Park, and two and half miles from Downtown NoHo. So, walkable to either with some liquid motivation.

The taproom feels like it would be a great stop before seeing a show at the Iron Horse or the Calvin. Or, even before hitting karaoke at WWII on Conz (do they still host a night!?).

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Brew Practitioners Brewery & Taproom Beer

Per Brew Practitioners, "No STREAKIN’ THROUGH THE QUAD, until after you have paid your tab!" Is this a reference to Old School, or, the Annual Immorality Night @ Smith?

Drink the colors!

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Copper
  • Ebony
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Smoked
  • White
  • Yellow

So yeah, one of those didn't belong. Unless of course, Smoke is a color. Someone consult Pantone.