Brew Practitioners

Taproom in Florence, MA

We'd like to be drinking practitioners at this Florence/NoHo taproom. Yes, please, thanks.

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Open mic nights, eleven beers on tap, and their own brew tour bus?! Sign us up!

Brew Practitioners is a mile and a half from gorgeous Look Park, and two and half miles from Downtown NoHo. So, walkable to either with some liquid motivation.

The taproom feels like it would be a great stop before seeing a show at the Iron Horse or the Calvin. Or, even before hitting karaoke at WWII on Conz (do they still host a night!?).

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Per Brew Practitioners, "No STREAKIN’ THROUGH THE QUAD, until after you have paid your tab!" Is this a reference to Old School, or, the Annual Immorality Night @ Smith?

Drink the colors!

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Copper
  • Ebony
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Smoked
  • White
  • Yellow

So yeah, one of those didn't belong. Unless of course, Smoke is a color. Someone consult Pantone.